The Mountains and Me

"The mountains are calling and I must go."
~John Muir

Next to the mountains I was born
And to the mountains I would go.
Rising 8,000 feet above me,
This peak and others became a destination.
Those summits, that breath-taking bliss
Was all I wanted and for all I cared.

My parents introduced me
To nature’s endless playground.
How to prepare, how to suffer, and
How to prosper in the desolate terrain.
Along the way I learned to uncover secrets
And find peace of mind when
There was not any down below.

Not all of the journeys were successful.
Sometimes I felt physically grounded,
Unable to take another step.
Sometimes we lost our way
And ended up stranded in the dark, terrified.

The hardships taught and frequently remind me
To respect the land, the mountains.
I found that it is important to
Appreciate the small things along the way
Because at any time, nature can ruin the day.

Mostly though, goodness was pumped into my soul.
Nature has filled a void
That would otherwise be empty.
Gorgeous scenery, intimate connection with companions,
And freedom keep me coming back.

Unfortunately, we are at odds with the natural spaces.
Many fail to respect what they have yet to discover,
And what has given me so much.
I want to change this, somehow.
Educate, inform, share, and
Create new connections.
Keep natural places natural,
And they will give us more than
We could ever ask for.