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Shen Huang

Project Journal

The project journal is about how to design the milestones. This document the process of the course projects.

Project 1

This is the description for Project 1

Project 2

This is the description for Project 2

Grad Project

This is the description for Grad Project

Project 3

This is the description for Project 3

Lab 1

Listen to mouseover, mouseout, click events. manipulates DOM properties include appendChild, createElement. Also change events will trigger css properties.

Lab 2

Find and fix the errors on this quiz and post the working version.

Lab 3

The Lab 3 is about using jQuery. You can move your mouse on the canvas to start drawing or out the canvas to stop drawing. Also, there is a button calling animation function to reset the size of the canvas.


Create a Colorado tourism web site based on the mock-ups provided.

Lab 4

The Lab 4 is to create a web page that loads and displays JSON data either from a file or using an API.

Lab 5

The Lab 5: Create a web page that uses Firebase to store data. You should write data(or an image) to Firebase and then read the data and write it to a page(on a different or same page).

Lab 6

Lab 6: Create an interactive single-page web page using the React framework.


We will be using the Aeries weather API for part of the final. Please create an account and register for the free Aeris API.